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Grishaverse Reading Order

Wondering where to start?

The Shadow and Bone Trilogy

The story begins with Alina Starkov…

Six of Crows Duology

Meet Kaz Brekker and his crew…

This duology picks up two years after the end of the Shadow and Bone trilogy, set in a new country with new characters. You can start here, but you may get spoiled for some of the events in the trilogy.

King of Scars Duology

The adventure continues in…

This duology picks up back in Ravka, one year after the end of the Six of Crows duology. While you can start here, we highly recommend reading the other books in the Grishaverse first.

All the Rest…

The Language of Thorns

A beautifully illustrated collection of dark fairytales that the characters of the Grishaverse might have read as children. You can pick up The Language of Thorns without any knowledge of the rest of the books. A great gift for fans or people brand new to the Grishaverse.

Demon in the Wood

Before he led Ravka’s Second Army, before he created the Fold, and long before he became the Darkling, he was just a lonely boy burdened by an extraordinary power. This graphic novel is a prequel, but is best enjoyed after reading Shadow and Bone

The Lives of Saints

Lavishly illustrated tales of Grishaverse saints. Spoiler free, but best for readers who have already started exploring the books of the Grishaverse.

The Severed Moon

A journal of writing prompts and quotes drawn from the series.

And What About Ninth House?

Ninth House

Ninth House— a story of power, privilege, magic, and murder set among the secret societies of Yale University—is a separate series with no connection to the Grishaverse. While the books of the Grishaverse can be safely explored by readers of any age, Ninth House is darker, more graphic, and intended for adults.

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