Signing FAQ

Why don’t you ever come to my city?

I wish I could meet every reader in every country, but it’s really my publishers who decide where I go. I won’t be traveling internationally in 2017, but I hope to tour more in 2018 and 2019. If you’d like to see me at a particular store or festival, please do let them know! If you’d like to see me in a particular country, let the publisher know. And if you’d like to be the first to know where I’ll be, make sure to sign up for my newsletter. I add new dates and events all of the time.

If I can’t go to an event, can I still get a book signed?

Absolutely. Most of the stores on my tour are willing to ship. Give them a call before my tour stop and let them know you’d like to order a book and have it personalized. You can also order personalized books from now through September 18 from Good Choice Reading.

If I can’t go to an event, can I still get the tour swag?

That’s tougher. Some independent stores will have Grishaverse swag that they’re willing to ship, others won’t so you’ll have to call your local bookseller. I’ll often try to tuck leftover bookmarks or easily shipped swag in with orders, but it’s not something I can guarantee.

Do I need a ticket? Can I bring books from home?

Some events are ticketed and each bookseller has slightly different rules, so please make sure to call your local store/venue if you have questions. Some require a purchase but all should let you bring books from home too.

How many of my books will you sign?

It really depends on the size of the crowd. I want to make sure to have a chance to meet and chat with everyone so sometimes we have to limit signing and personalization, but usually I’ll personalize one to two books and I’ll sign as many as you like.

What if I’m at the end of the line?

Don’t worry. I stay until the last book is signed. If they kick us out or the store closes, we’ll take it to the sidewalk. We’ve done it before!

Can we take photos?

You bet. If we have too long a line, we may not be able to take posed photos, but we try not to let that happen.

Can I buy books there?

Yes! Please do! As I said, some stores require a purchase for the signing line, but others don’t so please check with your local. (The Language of Thorns will not be available for purchase on the Wonder Woman: Warbringer tour because it won’t be out yet, but all of my other anthologies and Grishaverse books will be available and WW: Warbringer will be available on the TLoT tour.)

How exactly does this go down?

Every event is a little different, but they’re basically like cozy book parties. I’ll talk a bit about writing and books and answer as many questions as I have time for. (They can be about anything. Except math because that’s just rude.) Then you’ll line up to get your book(s) signed and personalized. I’ll try to spell your name right. I may ask if you have a favorite character so I can write a quote in your book. Time permitting, we’ll take pictures.

What if I’m shy and don’t feel comfortable chatting?

No worries at all. You can pre-order a personalized book from any of these stores if you’d prefer not to do the line thing. You can also just hand me a note or not talk. Zero judgments. You’re among book people i.e. the best people.


Oh hell yeah. Cosplay is always appreciated and rewarded.

Can I bring you a gift?

Of course! And I will be nothing but grateful. But books are expensive and, as your witch aunt, I want to encourage you to spend money on yourself. Buy more books to support more authors. Drink all of the delicious coffee beverages. Invest in a fanciful hat. Really, the opportunities to be irresponsible with cash are endless.